• thumb De Noord-Ierse band And So I Watch You From Afar moet zijn show vanwege een blessure van de bassist cancellen. De programmacommissie is hard op zoek naar vervanging voor de band op zondagmiddag.
    Hieronder de verklaring van de bassist zelf - wij wensen hem van harte beterschap.


    Johnny here from asiwyfa. I'm just dropping you a quick mail to say sorry for having to cancel the show, believe me I wouldn't be pulling out unless I had to, in this band we've played through hernias, salmonella, back sprains and cracked ribs to name a few! This injury has obviously been building up over the past while, it wasn't one incident that sparked it. A tendon in my shoulder has been torn to the point that it has decided to give up on me for a while! After a trip to the a&e and a fancy neoprene sling I'm under strict instructions to rest it for a couple of weeks, hence with deep regret we've had to pull the show. I can personally assure you that as soon as I'm fighting fit and if you'll have us, we'll be back in our second home for some serious rock action!
    Once again I'm truly sorry, Regards,

    Johnny Adger ASIWYFA